Social Use of Stories Workshop

What is it all about?

Whether it is a diagnosed condition such as Autism, or a young person displaying issues with receptive and expressive language skills, there are many children and young people with communication difficulties.

Many children struggle to understand the grey areas of social etiquette and emotional intelligence; Who do you hug and when? Why do we queue? When is it ‘banter’ and when are people being mean? Why do I react angrily when someone changes the activity?

social use of storiesThese and other concepts rule our social lives and if children and young people don’t understand the nature of them, they can become angry, isolated, frustrated and socially withdrawn.   This workshop looks at how to develop personalised ‘stories’ to explicitly teach children and young people about abstract social and emotional concepts. It includes examples of how to adapt these resources to suit all ages.

“Very useful.  I look forward to giving it a go with the children’s help!”
“A straight forward presentation, useful and helpful information”


In response to client feedback we are now coming out to various locations across Norfolk and Suffolk to deliver a combination of tailored workshops to whole schools or clusters.  If you are interested in hosting one of these events, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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