Alpha Communication


Connect with clients. Develop your staff.

Alpha Communication services make up the Commercial Element of Alpha Inclusion. We provide services to both commercial and public organisations, to do our bit to help ensure public services and families can continue to access quality support.

This means your business can rest easy in the knowledge that buying a service from us also means investing in your next generation. Commissioning our services means schools, health and social care organisations and families can access our Alpha Inclusion services at reasonable rates.

Alpha Communication provides services and support to businesses and commercial organisations. As Communication Specialists, our training and expertise is in the hands of self-professed geeks!

As technology creates more opportunities to develop globally, and we are able to connect with clients and colleagues across continents and cultures, it becomes increasingly important to understand how we communicate.

Clear communication is key.

Are your staff ready to communicate to the world?

We also recognise the importance of sustainability; of ensuring our local communities can thrive and provide our businesses with teams of innovative, creative thinkers. People who will invest their time and  loyalty in building local and global business.

Great staff care about great companies. Great companies develop great staff.

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